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* BongoFlavaMP3 ->Go to and open the File browser and create a a new folder,say 'Adverts' then inside this folder create new files in text formats say "Advert1" and start building this file using a code editor.The html codes may contain plain texts,links or images. Example: <a href="">New Downloads</a><br/>.Save file.Then create another "Advert2" and build as: <a href=""><img src="/Forum.png"alt="Dir"/> Then save.Your two adverts will rotate wherever you put this code: <xt:include file="/Adverts/*"/>
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* rakibbd It would be better simple & easy, if u do this with the help of javascript. Very easy tutorial goes here!
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pak Ahmat Saya cuma Ingin Memyampaikan teriamaksi sekali lagi kepada ( AKI KAWI ) Yang telah menolang saya melalui angka togel goibnya yang dulunya saya hanyala sopir mobil angkot,dan alhamdulillah saya sudah susses berkat (AKI KAWI) , jika anda ingin angka giob dijamin 100% tembus hub (AKI KAWI DI NO KASIH ROOOMnya.
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* ACTIVISTS.XTGEM.COM study about html codes, including a secret html code for build an amazing site for instantly if you are too lazy to build a site with manually:
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Francisfet Bardzo fajna strona, znalazłam tutaj mnóstwo fajnych materiałów które poszerzyły moją wiedzę. Fajnie że są w sieci takie strony.

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